Who is IPP?

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by
people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all."
Dale Carnegie

We are a group of individuals, committed to improving the lives of the consumers and families that we serve, and empowering them to reach their dreams.


Our Mission


IPP is a private community agency whose mission is to provide treatment, training, education, and consultation using applied behavior analysis or mental health services for a variety of individuals and groups including consumers, families, caregivers, students, interns, and public or private agencies. We strive to empower others to reach their dreams.


Philosophy Statements We Adhere To:

  • Behavior management services focus on the consumers in their natural setting and provides a treatment plan necessary for success.
  • Protection of client rights is essential.
  • Least-restrictive treatments are used before more restrictive procedures are ever considered.
  • The consumer, family, caregivers, and staff will be included in the data collection, development, and implementation of the behavior change program to ensure that behavior progress is maintained.
  • Skills taught are immediately functional for the consumer and emphasize the client strengths and accomplishments.
  • We emphasize the responsibility of all interns, consultants, and staff to uphold the highest standard of ethics when applying behavioral procedures.
  • Staff members agree to abide and uphold the State of Florida and the National ABA Code.