IPP Offers Training To You!

We recognize that you are very busy, and in the 21st Century, we are endeavoring to meet your training needs in an efficient manner.

There are several ways that IPP can meet the training needs that you have:

1. We offer an online CEU Course! In the 21st Century, technology allows us, at IPP, to offer you complete online coursework and testing, with no need to attend conferences or mail in coursework. IPP is approved by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) as a Type 2 Continuing Education Provider.

2. We offer in-house training for parents. Additionally, we offer articles and discussions here at the IPP Online Community, to augment training and provide resources for parents.

3. We offer in-house training, conferences, and seminars for professionals. Additionally, this IPP Online Community offers professionals the opportunity to connect and learn from each other, as well as from the extensive online resource library that IPP is building.

4. We offer internship training. An approved, 90 hour course (Miami) is offered to interns without behavioral backgrounds which focuses on training students in the basic principles of behavior with an emphasis on the application of these principles in applied settings with various populations. Supervision includes practice with cases utilizing an applied behavior analysis perspective, which includes instructions on performing functional assessments, collecting data, and developing interventions.