RT @paperlesslaw: @FTC @Adobe More importantly, @AdobeCare refuses to respond or correct the code that embeds invasion of #privacy. https:/… — 11 weeks 5 days ago
@FTC An epic flaw in @Adobe billing forces users who want to cancel a subscription to submit "new banking info" despite $0 balance #privacy11 weeks 5 days ago
Behavior impacts genetic code for generations #BehavioralEconomics #autismawareness16 weeks 1 day ago
RT @neiltyson: Show me a Nation with a science-hostile government, and I'll show you a society with failing health, wealth, & security. — 17 weeks 2 days ago
@neiltyson17 weeks 3 days ago
RT @neiltyson: During the first years of their lives, we teach children to walk & talk. Thereafter, we tell them to shut up and sit down. — 17 weeks 3 days ago
RT @UCLASemelFriend: Suicide Is A Society-Wide Problem That Needs A Society-Wide Solution #mentalhealth weeks 3 days ago
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Hey @TMobile Would you like to see video of your store rep hanging up on TMobile phone rep & threatening customer who was trying to cancel? — 20 weeks 6 days ago
RT @goalify1: @EricssonCareers @AutismU We love #mobile providers who embed next-gen #healthcare #AR #gaming #tech. Join us in Lausanne! #S… — 21 weeks 12 hours ago
It's time to gamify healthcare. @goalify1 is doing just that. #healthit #mhealth #AI #AR #EHR #gamedev #gaminghealth #innovation #IoT #ABA21 weeks 13 hours ago
RT @goalify1: Hello World! We're thrilled to mentor at @Seedstars Summit next week in Switzerland. Stay tuned! #launch #mentor #AI https://… — 21 weeks 14 hours ago
.@MDCPS: SCOTUS just schooled you on your illegal de minimus Special Education policies #IDEA #FAPE21 weeks 5 days ago
RT @Kauffman126: So great to hear that Scotus ruled in favor of parent in Endrew F case. #SCOTUS weeks 5 days ago
@networkautism @axcis @CarolPoveyNAS @Autism A thousand times yes! #theroadtoindependence24 weeks 3 days ago
RT @networkautism: "as much as possible, always give the person means to decide for himself" #autism @axcis @CarolP… — 24 weeks 3 days ago
RT @Matt_R_Fisher: #Physician reimbursement model may influence treatment. Interesting #stroke intervention study.… — 24 weeks 3 days ago
@RickFolbaum @rudabehcbs4 @CBSMiami Don't look far away. Ask @MiamiSup in a FOIA request. He refused to allow students to access ABA x 3 yrs — 25 weeks 23 min ago
@CBSMiami @RickFolbaum None. You don't question someone parking in a handicap spot either. People with disabilities are entitled to #privacy25 weeks 6 hours ago
@RickFolbaum @rudabehcbs4 @CBSMiami Why not investigate schools who denied access to service dogs after SCOTUS ruling? #ADA #discrimination25 weeks 7 hours ago