Welcome, Parents!

IPP is pleased to welcome you to our online community! It is our goal to make this site your most valued resource, while raising your children.

Our services are fully explained here to you, staff are introduced on this site, and we have posted our contact information in multiple places, for your convenience.

Online here, you will find a library of articles that are current and pulled from sources around the country, as well as those written by our well qualified staff. Each article offers you the opportunity to both comment on and read the comments of others, concerning the content of the article you have read.

You will also find, in the bottom right corner of each page, a section called "Are you aware?" In that section, you will find current news releases, which are pertinent to raising children with special needs. We will be posting cutting edge and late breaking press releases on a regular basis.

We offer to you training opportunities, both online and through our offices.

Under our "Community" Tab, you will find a "Small Tips" section, that will be of great interest to you. Not only will you be energized with new ideas and tips that other parents and professionals post, but you will also have the opportunity to share tips that you have found helpful while parenting your children. By posting a tip, you will be helping someone else in need.