Welcome, Professionals!

Welcome to the IPP Online Community! It is our goal to equip you to meet the needs of the children and families you work with, in an efficient manner that allows you to gain knowledge and training without taking up extensive time.

One of the first things that you will notice about this website is the extensive library, of relevant articles, that we are building. These articles are obtained from reliable sources across the country, as well as originals written by our own well qualified staff.

You will also notice that we offer online CEU training. This is designed to meet your busy schedule and to work around your need to be with clients or students during the day. By offering online coursework, you are enabled to study from the comfort of your home, rather than commuting after a day of work.

You will find, under our "Community" tab, the opportunity to read and post tips on what works well for you when working with children. In the future, we plan to offer forum and discussion boards, thereby further enabling you to communicate with us, your peers, and parents.

If you are unfamiliar with our company, you will be pleased to initially meet our staff online, become acquainted with our philosophy, spectrum of services offered, and contact information.

We are glad that you are here!